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Updated as of Jan. 17, 2000


5 yr Revenue Growth % (CAGR)
5 yr Earnings Growth % (CAGR)
Stock Price (1/14/2000) $121.94
PS (Sales/Share / Price)  
PE  ~360
My estimated price per share. $
( PE,  PS)

Results over the past 3 years


12/31/97 12/31/98 12/31/99 Growth Rate (97 to 99)
Revenue       %
Net Earnings       %
Margins % % %  

Business Outlook: CMGI is a great company for investing in the Internet. CMGI directly operates some 20 internet companies and through its venture arm does venture capital investments in a large number of additional companies. Currently their portfolio of companies is __ CMGI is also a high growth company that is earning profits on its investments and on its operations.

Its primary focus is on implementing advertising supported business models for content, Ecommerce for consumers and for businesses. Also, CMGI is heavily focused on the infrastructure companies to deliver services over the Internet.


Competitors:  Lots, this is the Internet.

My Position: I own the stock

Disclaimer: These notes are not investment advise or recommendations. From time to time I invest in the companies I write about. At any time, I maybe buying, selling or holding these stocks. I share my thoughts on companies to help other investors improve their decision making. These writings are starting point for you to make your own independent decisions and are not intended to be a replacement for your own decision making. I welcome your feedback suggestions and advise. Good luck on your investing.

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