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Double Click and Web Privacy

Over the past week or so Double Click has expanded its web based tracking of user browsing of web pages, who the user is and related info. Unlike other web advertising companies, Double Click's software can actually track user names and related private information, because of their information sharing agreements with web sites.

I do not like marketing companies track that level of detail about by web usage and purchases. To stop this I have gone to the "Opt Out" page at the double click web site and opt'ed out of their system. If you go to the link below and follow the two screens of info, they will turn off their tracking of your personal web surfing. You have to do this on each computer you use. They try and talk you out of it. Do not let them. If enough people opt out, then they will have to stop their detailed tracking of each persons web activities.

Please share this with anyone else you think might be concerned about keeping their personal privacy on the web. Let me know what you think. (Feedback)

John Giudice

Here is the link to Opt-Out of the Double Click web track of you!


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