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Web Album Creator

Web Album Creator is a tool I have created to take my photos and organize them into photo albums on the web. The program is currently in Beta. I would welcome your feedback on its use. 

Please send me an Email to let me know that you have downloaded the program and how the installation went. I would also welcome all comments on the program and how I might improve it to make it more useful to you. 

Send me Email at

Click Here to download Web Album Creator 
Build 28
(Sept 12, 2000)

This program allows you to create your own photo album of pictures, with captions and notes as you desire. 

Once you have this all set, the program will generate a set of web page files (HTML, images) to build your photo album. This album is stored on your local disk. You then would use an FTP program to move the files and folders to a free public web server like Tripod or GeoCities for your free web site. 

Later I am planning to add FTP support directly into the program. 

To download the current version of the web album creator. To install the program on your system.
  1. Download the file:
    webalbum_setup.exe This is a 3.5 MB file.
  2. Go to the file you saved on your disk and double click on the file. This will start up the installation program.
  3. Follow the steps of the installation program and you should then be able to run the application. It will be in your Start Menu - Programs menu lists as Web Album Creator.

Build 32 - For people who have already installed Web Album Creator. You can update just the executable file and save a longer download.

If you installed an earlier version of the program, you can download the latest build 32 of the .exe file (156KB file). Click Here to download the .exe file. Then move this .exe file to the program folder where Web Album Creator is installed. Remember to hold down the control key while moving the .exe file.


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