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Alta Vista Money This site is as been recently upgraded to the point where I would now recommend it as your best starting point when researching a stock, or trying to understand the what is going on in the market.
My Favorites
My Picks
Quotes MSN Investor
Yahoo Finance
Island You can get current bid - ask on stocks traded on the Island ECN. This is a good resource to see the range of offers around a stock.
  Thomson Institution Watch This is a new site to me. It watches the buying interest of the institutions.
Investing News CNBC Good overall industry news, focused for active investors and traders.
Bloomberg You can get access to the Bloomberg news reports here.
CBS Market Watch Good overall industry and investing news.
Wall Street Journal The best business source for business news. Requires a subscription to access the full range of there offering.
Barron's Requires a subscription. Good source for more in-depth articles on investing and finance industry developments.
Alta Vista Money Good source for news summaries as well as access to stock prices, company profiles and more.
CNET C|NET is a great source for news and information on technology products and companies.
Charting the Market Smart Money Map of the Market This is a great tool for getting an overall look at the market changes (or your portfolio). The tool graphically shows the changes in market value.
Discussions Raging Bull  Excellent discussion area for company stocks. Does not have as much of the ranting or screamers that some places do.
Portfolios MSN Investor The best tool I have seen so far for managing a personal portfolio on a web site. Note this program works best with Internet Explore and browsers based on Internet Explore (e.g. AOL)
Charting Prices Big Charts

My Favorite Charts

A great resource to get charts of stock prices and related information. Experiment around to find charts that are most useful for you. Also, you can save often used charts in a favorite list.
Company Financials    
Analyst Estimates CNET Investor See what are the brokerage positions on Buy/Hold/Sell
Yahoo Finance  
MSN Investor Good source for seeing what analysts are saying about a company. Uses data from Zacks.



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