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Investing Resources
My notes on good web sites for investing information and resources. Also, have included a link to my picks and thoughts about companies to invest in.

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WebAlbum Creator
This is a beta version of the software tool I use to create Web Photo Albums. Click Here to go to the information page.
Technology - History Timeline
These are some notes on the development of technologies by humanity over our existence. It is remarkable how rapidly technology has improved as the distribution of information and knowledge as improved over time. With the invention of the printing press information could be distributed as books. With the invention of telephone, radio and television the flow of information expanded by orders of magnitudes. Now with the invention and worldwide deployment of the Internet information and knowledge distribution is again expanding by orders of magnitudes. In the years ahead this will result in huge steps forward in other technologies. Who knows where it will all end. In the mean time enjoy and learn.

This document is a continually evolving piece as I get the time to capture more information. If you want to contribute to its growth I would welcome your inputs. Please send me Email.

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Software Recommendations
Click Here These are my current recommendations for PC programs that may help you.
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